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Kitchen Design is such an integral part of any home.  Let’s face it, we start our day in this room (well maybe next to visiting the bathroom!!) where days are planned and family is organised.  It’s also the room that hums when we entertain, or where kids sit to do their homework while mum or dad prepares their dinner.  Some of our most important conversations and ‘catch-ups’ take place in the kitchen so a lot of hours are spent there.  This why we feel that having a fresh and well organised area is so important to the ‘feel’ of a home. Renovating an outdated or cramped kitchen can make such a difference to daily living. It will make meal preparation easier and entertaining more enjoyable, plus it will add capital value to your home.

Kitchens are the first thing a home buyer looks at, where we spend most of our time, and is the heart of any home. With our input, optimal storage space, functionality, layout, comfort and aesthetics all come together for you bringing joy, efficiency and an easy space for interactions so your family can flow and grow day in and day out, breakfast lunch and dinner, across every season, for many years. Upgrading your kitchen design is the smartest investment you will ever make and you will wish you had done it sooner.

Getting Started on Your Kitchen Ideas

If you don’t know where to start with your kitchen renovation, you are looking at selling your house and upgrading, you want to leverage your property and grow your portfolio, or merely just want to learn how to get a high price kitchen at a budget price, we will show you how.

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What Our Clients Say

When I bought my first do up I had no idea how or where to start.  The Kitchen Queens joined me on my project, gave me ideas and tips on how to go about my renovation and kept me on track.  Their experience and knowledge was amazing!  Instead of becoming stressed I found my do up to be fun and very enjoyable even though it was hard work.

Jessica V

Through the years we have taken run down properties and made them fresh and alive again!  We have bought houses where weatherboards were falling off, fences lying on the ground, sections over grown, interiors hardly livable and places that no-one wanted to touch, and brought them back to life.  Although it is hard work, we thrive on the joy of seeing these properties beautiful again.  Today we would like to share all the knowledge we have gained to help those of you who are up and coming renovators.

Anne Marie & Bobbie

We are very happy we contacted Bobbie and Anne Marie to help us plan and style our kitchen. They helped us put the whole concept into plan, and the finished project exceeded our expectations. One of the features of our kitchen is the extensive storage, that we would never have dreamed of without their help. The whole family absolutely love using our kitchen now.

Johanna N

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