For the last 20 years Bobbie and Anne Marie have worked in the Building Industry where they gained most of their knowledge on kitchen designs.   They have also done their own renovations, both for their own homes and for resale.

After all these years they are still enjoying doing renovations and are passionate about helping those who are new to this wonderful experience, helping them fulfil their kitchen ideas.

Whether it’s simply that you want to tidy up your own home and enjoy the rewards of your effort by having your Dream Kitchen or whether you are keen to get on that Property Ladder, and buy a house as a ‘do-up’,  they are committed to helping you in every way they know how!

Bobbie and Anne Marie will show you where to start and more importantly HOW to start.

They will show you how to work out the lay-out for your kitchen, learn all about the quality and functions of various materials on offer, choose the best materials for your budget and kitchen designs, and build the perfect solution for your house to make sure your kitchen make-over looks fantastic!

Whether you want to DIY your project or just design your new kitchen, the Kitchen Queens will show you how.

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